H-edu saves time already in 252 participating schools 
and 2760 teachers and other persons interested already tried H-edu for lesson preparation, 
which means more interesting teaching for about 21547 pupils.

How will H-EDU make your work easier?

Create your own worksheet and graded tests

Do you prepare your own worksheets for the lessons? Now you don't have to copy or scan anything from the textbooks anymore. It suffices to easily put together a worksheet for textbook tasks online.

Use the stock of graduated tests or create your own. For pupils who need a slower approach to the problem, for pupils, who need to practise the tasks and also as "feed" for those pupils, who are more able in the given problem and like to solve bonus tasks.

Try the full screen interactive mode with the class

Whether you use interactive board or just screen and projector, at both, you can easily present the given problem, without the need of gathering the pupils around one table.

Look into the teacher's methodology or find a similar task

You don't have to page through two books at once, it suffices to display the Teachers' book under the task.

If the lesson gets "stuck", use the possibility to go below, even to a task from another textbook.

Discuss the solutions to the tasks with other teachers, ask the customer support

Is there something unclear to you? Are you curious, how did others solve the task? Join the discussion under every task and get inspiration from the solutions of other teachers.

Something doesn't work for you or you don't know, how to solve something? Lectors and authors of H-edu participate in the discussions, technical support will help you on chat or phone. Don't hesitate to contact us. We care about making the work with H-edu good for you.

Get the parents to participate in work with the textbook

Whether you use interactive board or just screen and projector, at both, you can easily present the given problem, without the need of gathering the pupils around one table.

They say about H-edu

After I got to H-edu, my work in the mathematics lessons became a lot easier. By this I mean that I don't have to prepare everything individually in the computer or scan it to be able to project it to the children. Now it suffices to find the given environment, given task and I have the same assignment as in the texbook in front of all the children on the board. Great advantage is that we can directly write into it and don't bother with copying part of the assignment. The same is true for the work with the workbook. I too value the fact that I don't have to find the methodology and possible results in the printed teacher's book. Everything is available by several mouse clicks. Thank you for these comforts.
Eva Blažová, ZŠ Horácké náměstí 13 - Brno, Czech Republic
At H-edu, I like the possibility of direct look into the methodology right beside a specific task, introduction of a specific environment together with its development and most of all the fact that everything is in one place and in the computer – I just quickly click and I don’t have to page through many textbooks. No scanning.
Mgr. Sylva Peclinovská, PhD., Tábor, Czech Republic
At H-edu, I appreciate the possibility of fast orientation in the textbook, making the search for comments from the manual faster, possibility to prepare worksheets, copy pictures and project them in class.
Mgr. Hana Kotlíková, Kladno, Czech Republic

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Our friendly e-shop, at which you can order the textbooks for Hejny method and other learning materials in printed form. It also provides various games and other didactic aids.


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