Co jsou cookies?

What are cookies?

These are small data files, which are necessary for some functions of web pages, such as e.g. logging in. Thanks to the cookies, the pages could also remember various settings, such as language, font and other possibilities you chose for displaying the pages. This is why we place cookies to your computer. Most of the large internet pages and providers do the same.

What do we use cookies for on this web?

Cookies could be divided according to their longevity and according to who places them to your computer. According to their longevity, they could be divided into two categories:

  • Short term (session cookie) – remain in your browser until your browser is closed, then they are deleted.
  • Long term (persistent cookie) – remain saved in the browser for longer time (depends on the settings in your browser and cookie settings) or until you remove them manually.

Cookies could be divided into two categories according to who creates and processes them:

  • First party cookie – created directly by the web page or scripts at the same domain. Most often serve for the basic functionality of the web.
  • Third party cookie – are created by other scripts. These are most often cookies of advertising systems, social network widgets or embedded videos.

We use the following cookies on this web:

  • Technical (first party, short term) – are necessary to provide the basic functionality of the pages, i.e. placing products in the cart, purchase process and displaying either the version of the page requiring javascript, or the version without it.
  • Google Analytics (first party, long term) – in order to be able to adapt the pages better for you, we use the Google Analytics tool to measure anonymous data on user behaviour.
  • Social networks – (third party, long term) – used when sharing the page content using social media.
  • Youtube cookies (third party, short term and long term) – used for playing video.

We never use cookies to identify you personally and we never place sensitive or personal data into them.

How is it possible to set the use of cookies

You can erase all cookies, that are already in your computer. Most browser also offer the possibility of blocking the placement of cookies on your computer, but in such case, you wouldn't be able to use all of our online services. Detailed information about the saving of cookie files in your browser are available at the pages of the provider of the specific browser. For the most frequent browsers, these are:

Details are available on the pages